Background to Walking Football Limited

Whilst working in my company Online Business Support Ltd – which among other things developed new internet ventures – I attended a EuroFIT course run by the Stoke City Community Trust and Dr Christopher Bunn from the University of Glasgow.

The content of the course struck a chord with me as, if something like this had been available beforehand, it may have helped my father (who was a keen sports fan but due to age, spent more time in the pub than on the pitch!) to have lived longer.

I decided to devise a new internet project – incorporating what I had learned from EuroFIT and using my many years of off/online knowledge – that could help spread awareness about the health, diet, fitness and social benefits of Walking Sports to people online. was born, which leads us to where we are now, running Walking Football Limited.

Walking Football Limited is a small family run business, providing free promotion on fitness related sites and social media, for the over 40s, people suffering with physical conditions and supporting those with disabilities and mental health issues.

Walking Football Limited also provides interview services, a designer range of clothing, sponsorship, licensing, web design/management and hosting, video editing and explainer videos, which can help our clients get their marketing and service messages across to the public, in a memorable and engaging way.


The Story behind the Walking Football logo

The lion is a common charge in heraldry. The lion traditionally symbolises strength, courage, nobility, royalty, stateliness and valour.

Both the England and Scotland national football teams have the lion as an integral part of their football shirt badge.

For England the three lions symbol goes back to the 12th Century when a red crest with three gold lions would be carried into battle to inspire English troops. The first one came from Henry I who was known as The Lion of England.

Scotland has the Lion Rampant of the Royal Standard of Scotland on their shirt badge. The earliest recorded use of the Lion Rampant as a royal emblem in Scotland was by Alexander II in 1222.

In Greek mythology the phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again.

We combined the strong and courageous lion with the phoenix, the bird of rebirth.

The logo has the head of the phoenix with the body of a lion as one body to represent your ability and opportunity to play football is reborn.

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